As we head towards Christmas demand will stall for a few days before the need to replenish. Markets appear to be absorbing the slowdown with prices relatively steady . Quality continues to be sporadic with some pink rib, occasional bottom rot due to recent rains. Additionally recent light frost signals the return of Blister resulting in further varied weights and color. Forecasts call for cool but not critically cold with a chance of showers next week which should keep supplies in check waiting for demand to stabilize.
Mix Leaf
Romaine  production has surged along with Hearts . Demand has stalled on both resulting in sharp discounts for volume especially on suspect quality. Demand is expected to improve heading into New Years but barring any severe weather production should remain stable along with pricing. Tiered quality with ribby texture and discoloration along with mildew are evident along with the recent addition of Blister from some production areas.
Green Leaf is seeing slowed demand as well , although prices have settled
Red Leaf and Boston  prices have also settled with improving quality. Volatility could return although critically cold temperatures are not expected which should keep supplies sufficient.
Brussels Sprouts
Production from Central California continues to produce heavy volume with Mexico ready to begin harvest. The market remains strong with some volume discounts especially on small and jumbos sizes. Quality has been mostly very nice but We anticipate a sharp dropoff due to heavy rains the past couple weeks in Northern California.  Expect demand to continue to surge for Christmas Holiday.
There is some last minute buying currently taking place but it does not look like that will cause any price increases or supply issues as we finish out the week. Supplies of celery remain steady out of Santa Maria, Oxnard and the Desert growing regions with all sizes available. Celery quality is good with occasional light blister & peel on the outer petioles. Let us know your last minute needs, we will get it taken care of!!
Production has been slow to transition to Southern Coastal regions and the southwest desert. Demand has been strong although supplies have been minimal. Expect improved supplies after Christmas.  Seeded or thornless are the predominant varieties available. The superior edible Heirloom variety will return in the Spring.
Good supplies of flower are currently available, especially in the Santa Maria area. Shippers are looking to make deals and keep inventories clean as they head into a slower Holiday week. There will be some deals to be had for the end of this week. Run your price ideas by us!!
Lighter availability for the next few days out of all growing regions. Prices have firmed slightly and look to remain at these current trading levels for the remainder of the week. Some shippers in the Santa Maria district are still dealing with some pin rot issues but they are in a better situation compared to last week. We could start to see some purpling of the domes out of the Santa Maria area next week due to the cooler temperatures they have had this week. The product in the Imperial Valley and Yuma looks good with nice green domes and tight beads.
Green Onions
 ****Late Warning **** Production from Mexico is beginning to hit its Seasonal slow down as labor shortages increase. Supplies will be short for most bunching items originating from Mexico ESPECIALLY Green Onions as demand peaks . Expect prices to climb sharply into Christmas and New Years when labor becomes scarce significantly impacting supplies and availability .
Light supplies out west, but there will be a lull in demand over the next few days which should allow fields time to catch up on color and sizing. The majority of rain issues are behind us. However, some of the last of the product with issues just hit receivers over the last 2 days. New crop fields out of the Oxnard area will be increasing numbers over the next 2 weeks. There will be marked improvement in quality and quantity in that area barring any weather events.  Mexico is producing steady numbers and quality has been slowly improving out of that area. Look for numbers to continue to build moving forward out of this area.Florida fruit is steadily building numbers as well. Quality out of this area is good enjoying near optimum weather conditions. Look for the markets to loosen up a bit as all three areas converge simultaneously to create an uptick in yields.
Good numbers and promotable volume. Quality has been good in most lots. All raspberries are coming from Mexico at this point. Look for the market to remain steady with lower undertones as shippers begin to feel the pre-holiday lull in demand.
Good Supplies with promotable volume out of Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. Quality has been excellent on the fresher fruit. Look for this market to also trend lower as we see shippers struggle to move increasing volume in a sluggish market.
Abundant supplies coming primarily out of Mexico and Central Coast California. Quality has been fair and we are still seeing some red cell defects in much of the offerings. Look for the market to remain flat as shippers push to move out inflated volumes.
Stone Fruit
Limited volumes of peaches and nectarines are finally starting to arrive. Markets are very active, normal for the first few weeks of the Chilean season as product slowly arrives. Markets should ease up after the holiday, once inventories get a chance to build. Early quality reports are positive. Order in advance because product is very limited.
Red – Domestic fruit is still available, however quality is marginal at best. Light supplies of Peruvian grapes have started to arrive. Big difference in price to reflect high quality of import fruit. More imports are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. We expect import markets to ease after the first of the year and Chilean product starts to arrive.
Green – Some domestic supplies are still available. Quality has been progressively declining over the past few weeks. Peruvian greens have started to arrive and quality reports are excellent. As expected, markets are extremely high on new crop Peruvian, but the fruit is beautiful. Markets will continue to be strong through the holidays, and should taper off after the new year and more product arrives from Chile.
Oranges – Good volume on California Navels this week, particularly on small sizes. Large sizes are tighter, resulting in higher pricing on 72 ct and larger. Recent rains have delayed some harvests, creating minimal and short term supply gaps on all sizes. Quality is very nice industry wide, with more fancy grade product available than choice.
Lemons – most of the sizing is peaking on 115 and smaller sizes. Like oranges, there are more fancy grade available than choice. Central valley district 1 is starting and early reports are positive, with good quality and volume expected. More California lemons are becoming available and we expect good supplies and steady markets through these winter months.
Limes – Tighter supplies are on the horizon as lighter harvests are expected through the holidays. Quality has been good overall, with good, bright color and appearance. Markets are expected to strengthen through the remainder of the month and continue to be strong into the first of the year.
Demand, or rather the lack thereof has continued to be the main plot of the cantaloupe story. Winter does not and isn’t expected to loosen its grip across the country keeping demand at nearly non-existent levels. Supplies have been rather light as domestic and Mexican melons have finished for the year. Offshore supplies have been steady, which is to say ample visa vie the poor demand. The market has drifted downward accordingly with prevalent discounted sales. Sizes off shore continue to be on the large side, peaking on 9s and jbo 9s, but they have moderated somewhat with less Jbo 6s and a few more regular 12s. Quality continues to be good. Next week supplies could be a bit lighter for the next two with off loading at POE’s being disrupted by Holidays. But supplies at production point (Caribbean) available for harvest is still ample and rising. We look for a dull and steady to lower market thru the holidays and lower markets ahead after the New Year.
Supplies continued to remain tight this week, in spite of the lack of demand. Mexico has pretty much finished for their season and domestic finished a while ago. Off shore production points have had trouble getting started. Demand, like with cantaloupes, has been exceptionally slow due to old man’s stubborn grip. Quality has been good and sizes running mostly 5s and jbo 5s with some jbo 4s and 6s. Little looks to change over the next couple of weeks. Offloading at POEs will be disrupted and there production does not look to be picking up significantly. Demand is expected to stay quite slow but effectively feels better than it is due to the light supplies. However, after the new year, production is expected to pick up as Honduras will get their harvest going and offloading will be past the holiday disruptions. We look for little change in honeydews for the rest of December, with better supplies and lower pricing coming early in January.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower- Production is still transitioning with some overlapping areas. This has settled  the market . Production areas should stabilize next week which will impact supplies and push prices higher again . Quality has held steady and should improve as we get into cooler weather.
Broccoli- Supplies surged and the market has softened as some shippers have overlapping production areas. Expect prices to surge again with the change in weather. Quality remains variable due to recent rains with Some pin rot reported from all production areas.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production has settled in the Southern deserts and Mexico.  Supplies will be impacted by labor slow down heading into Christmas for the next two plus weeks .
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady with improving supplies . Demand has been very strong. Cooler, Rainy weather will likely impact supplies in coming weeks. Continue to plan ahead to get full coverage. Bunch Carrot Quality has improved but recent heavy rains may impact Tops once again.
Potato Production has been affected by sudden change in seasons as growers scrambled to get their final acres harvested and stored . Expect some effects to long term pricing and availability.
Onion demand remains steady heading into the Holidays. Supplies appear to be adequate and  Quality is currently very nice although as we transition earlier than anticipated to storage shipments expect quality to fall off at some point.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
 Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Production has been steady although most growers have been battling increased mildew pressure from recent rains .  Demand has stalled slightly but will improve heading into next week.
OG Citrus
Lemons- The market remains steady with good demand for domestic product as production increases although recent rains have delayed harvest . Quality from Arizona deserts remain smaller profile but higher fancy grade.
Oranges- Navels production has improved along with sizing and sugar levels. Recent rains have delayed harvest but should help expedite better volume.  The crop is expected to be slightly less than the previous year but flavor and sizing profiles are expected to be excellent with promotional opportunities available for Christmas. We expect strong supplies of mandarins and Caras in coming weeks as well.
Limes- The market remains steady with improved sizing . Expect demand to improve throughout January . .
Grapefruit- Supplies have transitioned to Texas for the Winter
OG Grapes
California: Central Valley of California harvest have finished with some storage fruit available.  Offshore fruit is available on either coast.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Steady supplies continue with shifting trend towards smaller fruit due in part to some rain affecting quality. Improved supplies are expected towards the end of the month although labor may affect production during the Christmas and New Years. Demand will only improve as Super Bowl promos kick in next month.
California: Production has finished up for the season.

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