Conventional Items
Production and yields continue to erode while prices head higher. Supplies may have a chance to improve with some transitional production areas ready in coming weeks although increasing demand is expected to offset the potential improved supplies. Volatility is expected well into the Desert transition. Las Cruces , NM will begin Fall harvest this weekend for those looking to supplement their program. Transportation is available as well.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine and Romaine Hearts Reduced supplies continue to push markets higher. Depending on location and severity some growers continue to be affected more than others. Overall quality continues to decline with most arrivals showing degrees of discoloration. Las Cruces, NM will have supplemental Romaine production mid next week.

Red leaf, Greenleaf and Boston  Most production is limping to the finish line with very light supplies , especially Greenleaf , to finish off the Salinas Valley season. Prices are approaching historical highs even with mild demand. Eastern Homegrown season is likely to conclude in coming weeks which will further impact available supplies as demand is pushed West.

Supplies are steady out of Salinas and Santa Maria. Production out of Oxnard should start by the end of the month. Look for prices to remain at current levels for the remainder of the week. Weights are generally 58-60 lbs and most shippers are peaking on 24 size. Overall quality is good, we are seeing the occasional light green color and some dry pith but not enough to warrant any concern.
Production of the Thornless variety has become dominant. Sizing is peaking on the Medium sizes with overall reduced production for the Fall .
Supplies are very limited, especially crown cuts. We expect no changes going into next week. Harvest yields have lightened up due to recent weather which included warm weather, rain and then some warmer weather again in all growing regions of California. Growers are dealing with pin rot and brown bead causing them to walk past quite a bit of product.
We are starting to see more availability and prices are starting to trend down. We will see this pattern continue as the week finishes up.
Brussels Sprouts
Supplies from Coastal California remain strong as warm temperatures push production. In addition local production in Eastern Canada is ramping up for their Thanksgiving. Good quality with sharp discounts continue to be available on small and Jumbo sizes. Increased demand is expected in a couple weeks which should firm prices. Take advantage of the current surplus to plan your Fall promotions .
Green Onions
Welcome rain in Northern Mexico has allowed production to surge , driving prices off their historical highs. Although Growers are still dealing with some previous heat related quality issues that will eventually tighten supplies and firm prices at more sustainable levels. Overall quality will remain fair with some mechanical damage and discoloration. Expect supplies to remain volatile for the remainder of the year. Border delays continue to be an intermittent issue and have been magnified with the extra travel day to consolidate in Northern California.
Limited supplies available. The Salinas and Watsonville season is expected to continue through the end of October into early November. Oxnard production is increasing, and more fruit will be available in the coming weeks. Santa Maria production should correct this week with more product available toward the end of this week. A few growers are crossing fruit from Central Mexico to help cover contract commitments and to take advantage of higher prices.
Supplies out of Mexico will enter an up trend over the next few weeks and at that point we will reach peak numbers for the fall. Oxnard will be peaking for the fall around the same time frame. The Northern areas of California will continue their downtrend for the next few months.
Supplies are beginning to recover from wet weather from a few weeks ago. California and Central Mexico will continue to be the main production areas. Quality has been good with nice appearance and excellent condition.
Consider the Pacific northwest finished for the season. Mexico’s production will continue to ramp up quickly. Baja volume will continue with solid volumes this week and next. Peruvian volumes will continue to increase.
Stone Fruit
Yellow and white peaches are still available this week. Yellow peaches will soon be finished. Late season red plums are available.  Black plums are no longer in production due to high heat damage.  Volumes are limited on the remaining stone fruit and expect markets to continue climbing.  Quality is declining as shippers attempt to hold onto the product they have to fill transition gaps.
Stronger markets this week as older varieties begin to dry up and late season reds and green come into play.  There will likely continue to be multiple tiered pricing on various varieties.  Overall inventoried are still decent and shippers are still looking to move fruit to the right receivers. Promotions are still available for the coming weeks on reds and greens. Shippers are expecting steady volumes for the month of October and into November.  Quality remains strong overall with very few issues to report industry wide.
Valencias are still coming out of the California central valley.  Production will likely continue for the next week, followed by storage fruit for the remainder of the month.  Small fruit volumes are declining rapidly and demanding a premium price as a result of heavy school demand.  Currently the quality is very nice, although expect gradual declines in quality as more storage fruit comes into the mix and the season progresses.  Markets are high and will continue to be strong for the remainder of the year.
Chilean fruit is still arriving on both coasts, although volumes are becoming limited.  sizing is mostly small on offshore fruit and quality is beginning to decline.  Mexican fruit is beginning to arrive and will continue for the next two months. Overall volumes are down in Mexico and sizing is peaking on 165 count fruit. Florida lemons have started. although production has been hurt by the recent hurricane. Expect large fruit to be in high demand  over the coming weeks.
Weather is improving in Mexican growing areas this week.  Overall demand has been moderate and production remains consistent with last week.  sizing is peaking on 175 and 200 count fruit. Some quality concerns include oil spots and scarring. Steady production expected through next week.
Cantaloupes remained tight as the damages from recent heat and rain is hastening the end of the Westside deal. Whatever is left will be mostly smaller sizes.  The fall desert deal has started with mostly large sizes with overall light production as there are fewer participants. Demand has slowed due to high prices and falls arrival changing peoples fruit preferences. Markets should be steady with some discounting
Less supplies as Westside winds down and desert is just starting. Like cantaloupes sizes in the desert are larger. Demand is tepid and looks to remain so. Steady and lackluster market should continue with heavy discounting on clean up and smaller sizes.
Dry Onions
The ‘hurrier’ I go, the more ‘behinder’ I get…There are times when the onion market is marching in place and just when you think the bottom is going to fall out, demand comes in and gives us a feeling (though faint) that we’re reaching equilibrium. Washington quality remains steady and shippers are more willing to make deals from that region, but some have stopped packing for fresh and are going to storage thinking that the market will get stronger in the coming weeks. Reds…same story, some really cheap deals on questionable quality, but higher sheen and consistent sizing will rule the day.
Asparagus buyers are still waiting for demand to catch up to supply. The effects of the hurricane a few weeks ago caused a gush of supplies and have knocked some of the plants into a dormant state and are not producing as much product as before. Peru is in the high teens and have the freight advantage for the eastern seaboard. Mexico will see volume increase in the 3rd week of this month and hopefully demand will start to show up as shorter days and cooler weather start to hit the Midwest and East Coast. Ads are available…
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Broccoli   Northern California production has seen reduction in supplies Quality has suffered and lessened overall availability. . Cooler temperatures this week will help quality although supplies will remain light.
OG Celery
Production in Northern California remains strong with good quality and availability for now as growers assess their crop. Heat related damage will likely manifest later this month and more so during transition to Oxnard in November.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Production continues in Northern California with most items at current levels of sufficient demand. A few items including Green Onions and Cilantro will continue to see shortages due to heat related quality issues .
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production remains unstable along with quality in the Central Valley. Continue to plan ahead to get coverage.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Romaine and Romaine Heart supplies are lower with increased insect and disease pressure.  Demand remains mostly steady as markets pushed higher. As demand increases from the East , prices are expected to escalate further.

Green and Red leaf  Overall supplies have been limited and will likely remain limited throughout the Fall season even as demand improves.

OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit  Strong demand throughout the entire Citrus category due to strong retail sales and revived foodservice activity.

Lemon California new crop production will resume with light supplies peaking on smaller choice fruit initially. Mexico is expected to improve quality and overall supply as well.

Lime quality and supplies remain inconsistent with varied prices.

Valencia  production is winding down as heat related issues have impacted quality. California

Navels are expected to begin later next month with a few offshore Navels available at escalated prices

Grapefruit supplies are limited with improved volume expected in coming weeks.

OG Melons
Melons  Production will shift back to the desert , although water restrictions are expected to restrict overall production with many growers reducing or eliminating acreage.
OG Grapes
Production from Central Valley California continues with good supplies and quality. Tiered pricing structure continues based on Sizing. Quality is generally Very Good.

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