Conventional Items
Transition week continues as supplies are slowly coming into focus in the desert as former production areas conclude. Pricing is also adjusting to improved supplies and mild demand.  Most growers are offering relatively flexible pricing to entice customers . Quality has been fair to start in the desert with light weights and occasional bottom rot although improving daily. We anticipate production to be concentrated fully in the desert by next week and pricing to reflect.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine and Romaine Hearts  Romaine production continues to transition South with slightly stronger demand. Market declines have been slow but are expected to continue to more sustainable levels. Quality is improving daily from most desert locations.
Red leaf, Green leaf and Boston  Demand on Leaf continues to mirror Romaine especially Green with red leaf continuing to lag behind
Now that the Thanksgiving push is behind us for the most part prices will be lower over the next couple of weeks. There will be a lull in the market until the pull starts again the week of December 6th for the Christmas holiday. Quality is good, dark green color with weights averaging around 55#. We now have celery shipping out of Santa Maria, Oxnard and Yuma.
Limited production window on the Heirloom Variety is closing as most Thornless production transitions to the South Coast with predominantly large sizes. Limited supplies in the Deserts as most will be transferred from Coastal production areas , significantly increasing cost.
Demand exceeds and there won’t be much change from the current situation this week. Light harvest yields are expected out of California and Mexico through next week. We will start to see some product out of the Desert growing regions starting next week, but supplies will be limited.
Expectations are for the cauliflower market to remain unchanged as we finish out the week. Supplies and demand seem to be in sync. A few growers will start harvest in the Desert growing regions next week but supplies will be limited.
Brussels Sprouts
Northern California production areas continue with full production and good Quality. Demand currently is Strong for the Thanksgiving Holiday along with firming prices . Supplies should continue to be strong for promotional opportunities through the Winter Holidays. Availability in the Desert will remain limited as most supplies will be transferred at Significant cost
Green Onions
Mexico production has been slow to fully rebound. Supplies are expected to improve as well as quality as we transition to Southern California and Arizona loading areas.
Volume is limited, as weather, quality, labor, and plant production all playing a role in the numbers. The Salinas/Watsonville area may be finished for the season, depending on the weather the next couple of weeks. The market demand is expected to continue to exceed supply. Central Mexico production is anticipated to increase in late November barring any weather delays. Santa Maria, California is forecast to be mostly cloudy, becoming sunny for the weekend. Highs are expected in the 60s, increasing to the 70s on Sunday, with lows in the 40s. Oxnard, California is forecast to be mostly cloudy Wednesday and Thursday, partly sunny Friday and Saturday, and then sunny skies on Sunday. Highs are forecast in the 60s, increasing to the 70s on Sunday, with lows in the 50s. California fruit may be subject to occasional bruising, water damage, misshapen, white shoulder, scarring, and tip burn on calyx.
Minor quality issues. Blackberries continue to see varying issues from the rain in Mexico–minor red cell and mold issues. Overall quality is good, and supplies are fair.
Tight supply expected again this week. Raspberries are tightening up as we get into lower production heading into December. This is normal on both raspberries and blackberries. Both will start ramping up in January with seasonal peak in March
The blueberry market is stabilizing as Peru winds down, with tightening as supplies continue to dry up from Peru. Chile starts in about 4 weeks. Good supplies again this week!
Stone Fruit
#1 red and black plums are now finished for the season. Red Plum pack outs have been poor and shippers have already gone through volume that should have lasted into December. #2 Utility Plums available if that’s an option. #2 Utility Black plums are available in light volumes
Domestic grape production will be finishing within the next two weeks. Import volume is steadily increasing and there will likely be ample supplies to fill the gaps on red and green grapes. Peruvian grapes have been arriving on the east coast and more are expected into December. Arrivals will be increasing during the first two months of December. Early quality reports are positive on imported fruit, though there is still a long way to go.
The California valencia season has finished. California navel production is steady and sizing is peaking on 88 and 113 count fruit. Large sizes are currently limited. Pricing has begun to settle and we expect markets to continue settling in the coming weeks with increased production. Chilean navels are still available, although the fruit is older and quality is diminishing rapidly.
Plenty of product available and shippers are looking to move inventories. Good availability on all sizes with 140 and 165 count being the peak sizes. Currently product is coming out of district 3. There are Chilean lemons available at competitive pricing. Lighter supplies coming out of Mexico as markets settle. Overall quality has been very nice with very few issues to report.
Low demand on lime this week. Sizes are peaking on 150 and 175 count fruit. Some quality issues have been reported, including oil spots, skin breakdown and scarring. Good production will likely continue for the next 2 weeks.
Dry Onions
Jumbo Yellow onions, as Washington and Oregon get further into the storage run have seen the straight load kind of volume, swindle to mixer business only…Jumbo Reds and whites are still available and will continue for the foreseeable future. Medium and large medium yellow will be plentiful and some chain are not even trying to stock Jumbo’s except for the granX sweet’s.
The market continues to be under the $15 mark in most cases and Chains are starting to look for Christmas ad commitments. One shipper told this writer if the weather in Mexico get cold we see markets in the mid to high $20’s…but if it stays like it is now, we’ll see similar pricing that we’re experiencing now.
Weather is always a dictator this time of year in Mexico, hopefully there will be a happy medium…Not!
AZ/CA desert cantaloupes are slowly riding off into the sunset and running mostly small sizes. Nogales has plenty of all size with variable quality. Offshores continue to slowly increase imports but are still dealing with port issues. Demand is very slow from all sectors as inventories have left over high prices supplies and this time of year is notorious for slow demand with consumers more focused on fall items heading into the Holiday season. Nogales is quoting steady but taking some much lower offers. Desert is virtually a non-factor with their diminished supplies and size choices. Offshore is finding stubborn price resistance. Looking ahead, domestic production will end any day. Nogales will continue to have good supplies but that should change after Thanksgiving. offshore will continue to increase imports, especially after Turkey day. Demand does not look to be recovering until prices come down and we get into the first of the year. We look for a steady to lower quoted market coming up with deals abounding.
Virtually no change from last week. Still some domestics from the desert. Nogales has too many and are dealing but seem to be cutting production to match so there is a firming of that market. Offshores will not have any volume until after the Holiday. Demand like with cantaloupes is very slow and does not look to be improving until the new year. Not much change ahead for dews.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Broccoli   Production has improved as we enter the cooler Fall months . Demand continues to be good with Stable prices. As production transitions South we expect prices to  edge lower with possible promotional opportunities surfacing.
OG Celery
Availability continues to be steady with good supplies although pricing has escalated as demand has improved for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Pricing is expected to remain escalated for loading in the Desert as most production remains on the coast and will be transferred to the desert at significant cost.  Preferred deals with tiered pricing will remain available on the Coast.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Availability and pricing appear to be escalating with improved demand as production transitions to the deserts.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production remains light with damage from previous heat waves impacting suppliers. Expect to see improved supplies as the weather cools heading into the Fall. Continue to plan ahead to get coverage.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Romaine and Romaine Heart production remain moderate with good demand . Transition to the desert has resulted in improved quality and supplies eventually leading to promotional opportunities .   Green and Redleaf  Supplies remain limited but should improve in coming weeks as we transition to the Southern Desert production areas.
OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit   Strong demand throughout the entire Citrus category due to strong retail sales and revived foodservice activity. Mexico Lemon crop is peaking on smaller, Choice fruit while California desert crop remains strong with improved sizing and Fancy grades. Lime quality remains inconsistent with improving supplies . Navel production continues to improve in size and flavor.  Clementines have begun with reduced yields and higher pricing, especially at the start of the season. Expect Caras and Blood Oranges to begin later next Month.
OG Grapes
Green & Red :  Supplies of Red and Green varieties have mostly finished as we await offshore fruit.  Prices have escalated especially as consolidation has been necessary as we transition production areas

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