Seasonally cool weather continues to keep soil temperatures below optimal growth conditions ,limiting production. Daytime temperatures have been mild and overnight temperatures are forecast to warm slightly which will eventually lead to improved growing conditions. Quality continues to fair with weak tip, mildew pressure and now increased blister , peel and discoloration all resulting in light weight and varied size. Markets have peaked at current levels and will begin to ease as temperatures warm. Be aware , Shippers are quoting product with Epidermal peel and discoloration.
Mix Leaf
Romaine  production has also slowed while demand seems tepidly improved as the industry regains confidence. Cool nighttime temperatures are keeping soil temps below necessary growth levels and supplies have been manageable. Quality remains varied but mostly fair condition with Mildew, twist, pale ribs along with increased blister, peel and discoloration all evident. Expect peel and discoloration to become even more widespread as the product grows. Most shippers have warned and are quoting product with Epidermal peel and discoloration.
Green leaf , Red leaf and Boston  are seeing similar quality issues although demand has been much better than Romaine with escalated pricing. Tiered quality and pricing also continues to exist.
Brussels Sprouts
Production from Central California is beginning to wind down while Mexico has yet to regain full production. We expect overall lighter supplies but improved quality moving forward. Markets prices will begin to firm until improved temperatures return .
Sufficient supplies available in all growing regions. The most affordable prices are coming out of Santa Maria and Oxnard,CA. Celery quality is good with occasional light blister & peel on the outer petioles.
Production continues to suffer from a delayed transition along with frost on the limited supplies.  Demand has been strong for “clean” Artichokes although most have light to moderate frost damage . We anticipate improved production heading into February. The superior edible Heirloom variety will return in the Spring.
Demand exceeds and supplies will be limited for the remainder of this week. The market is trading in the high $20’s and there is still good demand for product. Better volume is expected for the end of next week. Quality is good, there is the occasional yellow cast and some soft shoulder.
Supplies have been limited and prices are currently reflecting this out of all growing districts. The forecast is for lighter supplies for the remainder of this week out of California and Arizona. It feels as though the market has peaked and there is no expectation of prices going any higher. There is better availability out of Mexico shipping from McAllen, TX valley. Prices are as much as $10-$12 cheaper on product of Mexico. The Eastern growing regions such as Florida and Georgia are very limited but they expect better volume by the end of next week. Overall quality has been good, inspectors are still finding water spotting on product coming out of Santa Maria and expect to see more purple color on domes from product out of Arizona and Mexico due to cooler growing temperatures.
Green Onions
 ****Continued Late Warning **** Production from Mexico has halted due to its Seasonal end of the year slow down of labor and now with the continued ongoing cold overnight temperatures supplies will continue to be virtually non existent. Supplies will be short for most bunching items originating from Mexico ESPECIALLY Green Onions as demand peaks through January.
 The Straws out of California remain light to steady volume, as we have not experienced any extensive back to back storm fronts in any of the California growing areas that would seriously affect yields or quality. Oxnard and Santa Maria are expecting up to an inch of rain coming Thursday of this week. The extended forecast calls for dry weather with slightly warmer temps the last week in January. The market remains steady with higher under tones. We have seen a big improvement on quality out of all areas. With the current projected weather forecasts this improvement should continue into the end of this month. The fruit out of Florida has been seeing moderate sporadic showers with some cooler than normal temperatures which have lightened yields. Temps are expected to warm this week with an extended dry period lasting through the weekend. This market has tightened up and will remain so through the weekend. The forecasts for Mexico call for dry weather with cooler than seasonal early morning lows. This is not expected to affect yields at this point. Baja Mexico is expecting dry weather through next week with only a slight chance of rain in the higher elevations. The market is stronger and this will continue into next week.
Raspberries remain in good supplies coming out of the Central Mexico region. Quality has been fairly good with some older lots showing problems. The market should remain firm through this week as we see better overall demand with schools back in the mix.
The Blues are hitting peak volumes out of Mexico and Peru. We are looking at volumes starting to decline. This will continue through January as several importers will be gapping next week. Chilean production has also been disrupted somewhat by rain in the growing regions but volume is still cumbersome.
The lack of demand that we have been experiencing over the last few weeks is disappearing as we are headed into a lighter numbers next week. We are still seeing some leakers and red cell in many lots. Expect the market to remain steady with higher pricing towards next week.
Stone Fruit
Supplies on offshore stone fruit are increasing daily. Product is arriving by boat from Chile on both coasts. There is limited volume on various sizes, but quality is very strong on peaches, nectarines and plums. Pricing is currently elevated but should ease up as supplies increase over the next couple of weeks.
Red – Demand is picking up nation wide with schools back in session. There have been some arrival delays on grape shipments that have caused some shortages on both coasts, but as of now, volumes continue to keep up with demand. Expect steady supplies at least through next week. Quality has been very strong on arrival. More arrivals are expected toward the end of this month which should ease the market.
Green – Supplies have been lighter on the west coast, with more volume arriving on the east. Markets are currently very strong on green grapes, although volumes are expected to improve as more product arrives towards the latter part of this month. Quality is very nice with good, strong fruit now available on both coasts.
Oranges – Large sizes are more readily available and deals are being made. , Small sizes are in tighter supply this week, with stronger markets on 88 and smaller sizes. Quality has been very nice on all sizes, with good color and brix reported. We do expect stronger markets through the rest of the month as demand picks up, particularly on small sizes.
Lemons – Steady markets this week as district 1 starts and district 3 finishes up. The overlap in growing areas has resulted in more supplies, especially on smaller sizes. Weather has been very nice for growing and quality is very strong out of California. Markets should remain steady through next week.
Limes – Better supplies are expected over the next 10 days as harvests return to normal after the holiday. Quality has been very nice with good color and solid structure. Plenty of deals available so run something by us.
Prices have remained flat this week in spite of demand picking up on more deeply discounted fruit. Quality remained consistent and good. Sizes peaked on 9s and then jbo 9s and 12s. Next week supplies are expected to be slightly less with volume. First phase Honduras is ending and Costa Rica is staring with Guatemala still shipping. Sizing and quality should stay stable. Demand should also remain about the same or ebb a bit as deep discounting could stop and winter is rearing its head this week into next. The following week, we could see an improvement in pricing as we head into the last week of January and February demand usually picks up a bit. We see a steady market next week with less discounting and a slightly improved market the following week.
For weeks now, honeydews have been much higher priced than cantaloupes. This continued this week, but with price resistance coming into play leading to more discounts being offered than has been the case. Overall supplies were still light and quality still variable with scarring in the off shore product. Demand has been in dull winter drone mode, but light supplies have kept the market feeling more active than the reality.  Next week supplies look to change little form offshore, but with Costa Rica starting they could increase somewhat as It unfolds. Sizes should start peaking on 6s then 5s and then jbo 5s. Mexico struggles with cold and/or wet weather keeping their supplies light. Next week their weather is expected to improve so their supplies could increase as well. Demand should be quite slow in the face of winter’s grip and high priced inventories. We look for a steady to lower market next week.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower   Production has been slow in the desert and prices have reacted higher. Expect continued higher pricing through most of January . Typically the next surge of production will coincide with improved temperatures usually the start of February.  Quality has held steady although some production areas with heavy frost may show increased curd discoloration .
Broccoli    Supplies have declined drastically as the desert and Mexico production areas have seen seasonally colder temperatures . Additionally Northern California production has finished due to wet weather inducing pin rot .  Quality remains variable although drier conditions will help improve quality from all production areas including the Deserts and Mexico.
Production is expected to improve from Mexico in coming weeks.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production has stalled with much of the bunched items originating from Mexico. Along with cooler weather , seasonal labor shortages have resulted in substantially reduced supplies which has escalated markets sharply. We expect varied supplies through most of the month.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady . Demand has been very strong. Cooler, Rainy weather has slowed supplies for upcoming next few weeks. Continue to plan ahead to get full coverage. Bunch Carrot Quality has improved but recent heavy rains may impact Tops once again.
Potato Production has been affected by sudden change in seasons as growers scrambled to get their final acres harvested and stored . Expect some long term effects to pricing and availability.
Onion demand remains good and the market appears to be escalating with supplies below normal Quality is currently nice although some storage shipments have shown signs of age..
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Production has been steady although most growers have been battling increased mildew pressure from recent rains and now frost delays have increased blister , peel and increased the degree of discoloration . All growers are quoting product with these defects .
OG Citrus
Lemons: The market remains steady with good demand for domestic product as production slowly increases . Quality from Arizona deserts remain smaller profile but higher fancy grade.
Oranges Navels production has begun to peak with improved sizing and excellent sugar levels. Optimum growing conditions have resulted in mostly larger profile limiting smaller fruit.  Expect tiered pricing on smaller fruit. Stronger supplies of mandarins and Caras have also begun to be available .
Limes:   The market appears to settling at current levels with improved labor although supplies and quality remain in consistent . Expect demand to improve throughout January with prices expected to rise .
Grapefruit:  Supplies have transitioned to Texas for the Winter
OG Grapes
California: Central Valley of California harvests have finished with some storage fruit available.  Offshore fruit is available on either coast.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Steady supplies continue with possible improved sizing and volume as the month moves on . Demand remains good and will only improve as we approach Superbowl promos
California: Production has limited supplies at elevated prices .

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