Forecasts finally call for a transition to milder more seasonal overnight temperatures in the desert which will increase soil temperatures and accelerate growth. In anticipation, demand has slowed awaiting lower pricing heading into the weekend. Quality continues to be fair with weak tip, mildew pressure,  Epidermal peel and discoloration all resulting in light weight and varied size. Discounts mainly on off-sizes have been available but will include all packs moving forward. Shippers are still quoting product with Epidermal peel and discoloration although many have been focused on removing any excess in the field.
Mix Leaf
Romaine production will also be increasing which will also accelerate epidermal discoloration. If markets continue to be lukewarm, expect growers to pass fields with excessive blister or possibly transition these acres to Romaine Heart production with the ability to trim heads fully.  Quality will remain varied with twist , pale ribs along with epidermal peel and discoloration all evident . Expect peel and discoloration to be evident for at least 3 weeks . Most shippers are quoting product with epidermal peel and discoloration.
Green leaf , Red leaf and Boston  are seeing similar quality issues although they tend to grow through quicker. Demand has also been much better than Romaine which has allowed markets to remain escalated although expect prices to adjust as availability increases. Tiered quality and pricing will also continue to exist.
Brussels Sprouts
Production from Central California is winding down while Mexico is expected to improve production by the end of the month. Currently supplies are light and prices have peaked.  We expect the market to continue strong for a couple weeks before easing.
Sufficient supplies available in all growing regions. The most affordable prices are coming out of Santa Maria and Oxnard,CA. Celery quality is good with weights ranging in the mid 50’s.
Production finally has begun to improve and will likely increase sharply with improved weather.  Demand continues to be strong for “clean” Artichokes although most have light to moderate frost damage . We anticipate improved quality heading into February. The superior edible Heirloom variety will be available in limited supplies from Northern California only
The flower market has firmed as shippers run into lighter supplies. Demand has been good and we expect that to last for the remainder of the week. We should start to see prices flatten out and begin declining next week as warmer weather in the Desert growing regions start to push growth. Quality looks very good especially out of the Imperial Valley and Yuma, AZ districts. Please get with your Produce West sales representative for best quality and price options.
Good availability from all growing districts. Prices out of California and Arizona have gradually been coming down and it will continue to decline as we close out the week. There is a plethora of product shipping out of Mexico into the McAllen, TX valley. We will see supplies start to subside out of Mexico next week as growers go back to their contract pricing as opposed to the lower open market prices being offered. The Eastern growing regions such as Florida and Georgia are pretty much done for the season after the cold snap that occurred earlier this week. Overall quality has been good, inspectors are still finding light water spotting on product coming out of Santa Maria and expect to see more purple color on domes from product out of Arizona and Mexico due to cooler growing temperatures.
Green Onions
Production from Mexico has begun to wake from it’s annual slumber although markets remain escalated we expect slightly increased availability by early next week and better pricing to follow shortly thereafter .
Expect a firm market into next week with heavy retail commitments keeping pricing buoyant. School business is back in high gear adding to the already brisk demand. Quality out of California and Mexico is being reported as very good with the occasional light color and some white shoulder being reported. Shelf life is much improved over previous offerings and movement is good. Florida berries are in a natural planting gap and look to remain lighter in yields for the next 5 to 7 days. Growers in Florida are hoping to be ramped back up just in time for Valentine’s Day pull. Look for the markets in all areas to remain firm through the weekend.
Raspberry crossings out of Mexico are on the decline bringing firmer markets along with fewer numbers. Quality has generally been good on the fresher lots. Some of the older pack dates are arriving with some mold or leaker issues. Look for this market to rise slightly as we move into the weekend.
Good supplies with promotable volumes coming from Mexico, Peru, and Chile. Promotable numbers are going to last through the month of February so there is plenty of time to plan Ad campaigns and in-store promotions. Quality has been good in all countries of origin
Crossings have reduced slightly, thus reducing availability next week. Blackberries are following the same type of availability profile as the raspberries. Quality has been just fair with red cells and leakers present in some lots upon arrival.
Stone Fruit
Stone fruit supplies are improving as more offshore fruit arrives on both coasts. Better volumes this week on peaches, nectarines, and plums. Quality reports have been very positive and are expected to remain strong for now. Markets should ease into the month of February as more product arrives on both coasts.
Red – lighter supplies this week on reds, as shipments have yielded fewer reds than anticipated. Demand has been strong, keeping the markets active. Quality is very nice with very few quality issues to report. We will continue to see gaps in supply as shipments have been delayed from Peru this week and next. Most of the current volume is large fruit. We expect better volume toward the end of next week as more fruit is expected to arrive by then.
Green – Better supplies on green this week and markets have eased up slightly as volumes improve. Chilean and Peruvian fruit is available on both coasts and quality has been very strong overall.
Oranges – Supplies have tightened up this week, especially on small sizes. Pricing is stronger on small sizes and expected to remain active for at least the next two weeks. Overall quality has been positive with very few issues to report.
Lemons – Steady supplies this week on all sizes. District 1 is producing some very nice fruit. There is still some district 3 product available, but mostly storage product. Weather has been optimal for production and we expect good quality and supplies for the next few weeks.
Limes – Supplies are improving out of Mexico into Texas. Markets have eased up significantly. Quality has been very nice, with good color and condition. Run offers by us.
Good supplies available on both costs. Small fruit is in higher demand as most of the volume has been larger sizes. Overall demand has eased up however and markets have settled.Good brix is being reported on recent arrivals. Quality has been very nice with very few issues to report. We expect better volumes on all sizes as more product arrives over the next few weeks.
Lighter supplies this week on honeydews and markets are strong. Delays have created small gaps in supply on both coasts and supplies are having difficulty keeping up with demand. Light numbers have come up from mexico, but supplies are tight industry wide for the next two week. We expect better supplies by the second week of February.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower   Production has been slow in the desert and prices have been firm . Expect improved production as we approach February as the weather warms. Quality has held steady and should continue to be strong as overall temperatures although warmer are still mild.
Broccoli    Supplies are likely to increase rapidly as the desert and Mexico production areas have finally seen soil temperatures rise.   Quality should also see improvements with dry conditions.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production will improve with much of the bunched items originating from Mexico. Should be an excellent category to promote.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady . Demand has been very strong. Temperatures are expected to warm although root crops typically take longer to react. Continue to plan ahead to get full coverage. Bunch Carrot Quality has improved but recent frost delays may impact tops once again.
Potato Production continues to come mainly from storage on the West Coast. We expect improved supplies by late Spring. .
Onion demand remains good and the market appears to be steady for storage supplies.  Quality is still good although some storage shipments have shown signs of age. New crop is expected in the Spring.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Production is expected to increase although quality will take a few more weeks to improve . Most lettuce will continue to suffer from epidermal peel and discoloration although Romaine Hearts should be affected the least with the ability to trim excess blister. All growers are quoting product with these defects .
OG Citrus
Lemons: The market remains steady with good demand for domestic product as production slowly increases . Quality from Arizona deserts remain smaller profile but higher fancy grade.
Oranges Navels production has begun to peak with improved sizing and excellent sugar levels. Optimum growing conditions has resulted in mostly larger profile limiting smaller fruit.  Expect tiered pricing on smaller fruit. Stronger supplies of mandarins and Caras have also begun to be available .
Limes:   The market appears to be settling at current levels with improved labor  supplies although quality remains inconsistent . Expect demand to improve throughout January.
Grapefruit:  Supplies have transitioned to Texas  and should return to the West Coast in coming weeks
OG Grapes
California: Central Valley of California harvest have finished with some storage fruit available.  Offshore fruit is available on either coast.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Supplies have been lighter than anticipated and the market has firmed along with Demand. which should only improve as we approach Superbowl promos
California: Production has been limited at elevated prices . This year’s crop barring any significant weather issues should be substantially larger than previous years .

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