With transition in the rear view mirror shippers are focusing on stabilizing production schedules. Some areas of eastern Yuma Valley to Scottsdale were hit with significant rain on Thanksgiving day which will impact supplies for some shippers while others will soon be at full capacity. Other than light rain forecast for mid week the weather is expected to be mild through early next week before seasonally cold , frost temperatures settle in. Traditionally these Cold temperatures impact supplies significantly. Expect markets to remain elevated until supplies fully materialize. Quality has mostly been good with some pink rib showing on arrival attributed to recent rains in the desert.  Demand has been good especially with some customers shifting sales away from Romaine.
Mix Leaf
Romaine  continues to be resilient with strong demand on carton and hearts .  Production from Santa Maria to Yuma Valley with mostly improving quality other than some pink rib upon arrival due to recent rains. We anticipate the desert quality to continue to improve before critically cold weather sets in by later next week bringing with it , blister , peel and eventually discoloration. A few customers are ordering more iceberg and green leaf but overall demand is still good. Quality is currently very nice with little or no blister.
Green leaf demand surged higher with demand shifting from Romaine.
Red leaf and Boston  also got a boast in demand . Expect volatility through December which traditionally has critically cold weather that could interrupt supplies.
Brussels Sprouts
Production from Central California continues to produce heavy volume. The market remains strong with some discounts on small and jumbos sizes.  Quality has been mostly very nice. Expect demand to continue to surge for Christmas Holiday.
Colder temperatures and heavy rains have caused production delays in the Oxnard District. Supplies of celery remain steady out of Santa Maria and the Desert growing regions with most sizes available; although, the rain forecast could bring more production delays and limit availability. Celery quality is good with occasional light blister & peel on the outer petioles. With the recent rains, some bottom rot and mud is likely to be seen on the lower portion of the stalks. The weather forecast calls for cooler temperatures and more rain likely today and on Friday. Watch for demand to start to pick up again starting next week as buyers start purchasing for the Christmas Holiday.
Production has been slow to transition to Southern Coastal regions and eventually the desert. Demand has been strong although supplies have been minimal.  Seeded or thornless are the predominant varieties available. The superior edible Heirloom variety will return in the Spring.
Prices are trading at the bottom of the market and will remain at these levels for the remainder of the week. Best availability is on the size 12’s with just a few shippers still looking to move on 9 size. Shippers who are still shipping out of Salinas and Santa Maria will have some quality issues due to current rains. You will see more yellowing and soft shoulder out of these areas. Quality shipping out of the Desert regions has been very nice and should remain that way going into next week.
Prices are trading and floor levels and look like they will sit at these levels for the remainder of the week. Some shippers in the Yuma Valley are having issues with pin rot from the rains they received earlier in the month. This will result in lower than normal yields for the next seven days. The product in the Imperial Valley was not affected by any weather and quality looks very good. Price buys will continue to be available in all growing regions of California and product of Mexico shipping out of the Texas Valley. Limited production is being forecasted next week out of the Carolinas and Georgia. There are rumblings out there that broccoli off the West Coast could tighten up by the end of next week. We will keep you posted
Green Onions
****Early Warning **** Production from Mexico has improved as well as demand . Expect strong pricing through the end of the year especially as we approach Christmas and New Years when labor becomes scarce significantly impacting supplies and availability .
CONTRACTS are running the show…there are approximately 40% of the crown on contracts these days, so expect to start paying a little more for spot market onions. Washington State is steady @$6-6.50 on Jumbo yellow and a $1 up on the up sizes. Oregon seems to be holding at $6.50 to $7.00 on jumbo yellows. We are experiencing a really strong demand on White onions due to poor quality in Washington and the penetrations of contracts demanding run times.
Sweet onions from Peru seem to be holding and shipments are moving, albeit slowly. Available sizes vary from GA to Philly.
The market on Mexican asparagus crossing from Baja has not changed and seems to have found a trading level from $14-$16 on standard with a slight premium for large. The volume is overwhelming and some shippers are consigning product to the larger terminals.
Fruit is scarce as demand exceeds supply. The California growing regions have been receiving rain in Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Maria, and Oxnard since last Tuesday. Forecasts for this week has sporadic continued rainfall. With these areas producing the largest domestic supplies the effect on availability is severe. Florida production has just begun and most shippers are now picking only a few pallets 3 to 4 days per week, so volume is still very limited. Mexico production is underway but they are still fighting through small sizing and quality issues from rainfall and humidity during the past several weeks. The crops in Mexico are 2-4 weeks behind normal production schedules due to the rain and should catch up after the first of the year.
Good supplies are coming out of Central Mexico through McAllen and Otay Mesa. Quality has been good and the market remains soft for volume orders as shippers continue to keep the numbers moving. Look for the extra volume to continue to keep the market low to through next week.
Decent supplies are still in abundance with several imported varieties to choose from. The market remains steady on the fruit coming from Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.
Supplies are steady. The markets remain steady with nearly all of the fruit coming out of Central Mexico. The quality has been steadily improving out of that region. Look for the market to ease off a little as crossings improve out of that area.
Stone Fruit
The first arrivals of Chilean stone fruit are expected later next week. Peaches, Nectarines, and plums will be the first to arrive, possibly as soon as next week. There are still some domestic plums available but quality is beginning to suffer. Pricing will be high on the first few arrivals of offshore stone fruit, and settle into January.
Red grapes – Stronger markets this week on California reds. Quality has been holding up on storage fruit and late season varieties. Imports are starting to arrive in light numbers. We should see better volume on imports towards the middle of this month. Pricing on imports is much higher than domestic fruit.
Green grapes – Domestic green supplies continue to dry up quickly. Good quality storage fruit is becoming less available and receivers are reporting multiple quality issues on arrival. Very little offshore fruit is arriving and pricing is at a premium. We expect a demand exceeds supply situation for the remainder of the year.
Oranges – Lighter supplies are expected for the remainder of this week and next as a result of heavy rains in California. Harvests have been light during the rains and will need to play catch up over the first half of next week as weather clears. Quality has been nice with good sugars and condition. Volumes are currently peaking on smaller sizes.
Lemons – The desert season is winding down and central valley supplies are ramping up . Large sizes are in lighter supply this week, with most of the sizing ranging between 115 and 165 count. We expect adequate supplies through the holidays and quality has been good.
Limes – Supplies are better this week and quality has been improving. There is currently better volume on large sizes and deals are being made on volume orders. Volumes are expected to lighten up over the holidays, especially on smaller fruit.
Cantaloupe prices declined a bit this week as supplies began to increase from the offshore with their deals maturing. Mexico was still producing as well. Domestic cantaloupes are done for the season.  Sizes rang large on the offshore deal, peaking on 9 count then jbo 9s and even some jbo 6s. Some but few 12s and virtually no 15. Mexico was speaking on regular 9s and 12s. Quality off shore was good. Mexico variable. Legacy inventories were higher priced. Cold wintry weather in the Midwest and east dampened consumer taste for summer fruit such as melons. Next week the beat looks to continue with a very slow dance, replayed in slower motion keeping demand very light. Offshore supplies will be steady and sizes & quality should run about the same.  Mexico could decline as they face some weather issues and are past the peak of their volume for the season. Market looks to be steady to lower next week.
Light plantings and light supplies continues to dominate the honeydew story. Offshore has some fruit coming in but light in numbers and peaking on 5s and jbo 5s with few if any smaller sizes. Quality has been good but more scarring is expected to arrive next week. Brix have been adequate. Demand has been deathly which has held prices in check with even some discounting off quotes here and there. Mexico is also light, with inconsistent volume and sizes skewing almost exclusively to 5s and 6s with few 8s.  Next week off shore supplies will continue to be light. The full volume is not expected to be arriving from there until after first of the year. Mexico will continue winding down its export shipments. Demand does not look like it will be pique any time soon. We expect a dull and steady to lower market next week.
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower   Production is still transitioning with some overlapping areas. This has settled  the market . Cooler weather is forecast for next week which will impact supplies and push prices higher again. Quality has held steady and should improve as we get into cooler weather .
Broccoli    Supplies surged and the market has softened as some shippers have overlapping production areas. Expect prices to surge again with the change in weather next week. Quality remains variable but has been improving with cooler nights. Some pin rot will materialize in Northern parts of the state following recent heavy rains
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production has transitioned South . Expect uneven distribution but supplies should even out heading into December.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady with improving supplies . Demand has been very strong. Cooler, Rainy weather will likely impact supplies in coming weeks. Continue to plan ahead to get full coverage. Bunch Carrot Quality has improved but recent heavy rains may impact Tops once again.
Potato Production has been affected by sudden change in seasons as growers scrambled to get their final acres harvested and stored . Expect some effects to long term pricing and availability.
Onion Demand has been strong for the Holidays. Supplies appear to be adequate and  quality is currently very nice although as we transition earlier than anticipated to storage shipments expect quality to fall off sooner.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Production has been steady and quality remains good. Demand has improved with post Holiday pull and should continue to increase as supplies affected by cooler weather in the West.  Quality has been good and will continue to improve until Winter Frost returns in coming weeks .
OG Citrus
Lemons: The market remains steady with good demand for domestic product as production increases while imports wind down . Quality from Arizona deserts remain smaller profile but higher fancy grade.
Oranges  Navels production has slowly improved waiting for sizing and sugar levels to improve. Recent rains have also delayed harvest but should help expedite better volume.  The crop is expected to be slightly less than the previous year but flavor and sizing profiles are expected to be excellent with promotional opportunities available for Christmas. We expect strong supplies of mandarins and Caras in coming weeks as well.
Limes:  Much needed rains along Eastern Mexico have improved quality. Sizing and volume are expected to improve as well  The market has eased and should stabilize at current levels .
Grapefruit:  Supplies have transitioned to Texas for the Winter
OG Grapes
California: Central Valley of California harvest have finished with some storage fruit available.  Offshore fruit is available on either coast. The Red Varietals should hold up better than the Green varieties although expect to see an increase in softness and amber fruit.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Steady supplies continue with shifting trend towards smaller fruit due in part to some rain affecting quality. Improved supplies are expected towards the end of the month.
California: Production Has finished up for the season.

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