Conventional Items
Production appears to have settled with cool overnight temperatures and a return of frost slowing growth and reducing overall industry volume. Prices have bottomed out and are likely firm as long as overnight temperatures keep soil temperature below optimum growth levels. Most growers have Improved Quality although weights and solidity have varied with the cooler weather.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine  Industry supplies have mostly  returned to normal although some tiered pricing remains especially on Romaine Hearts. Cooler overnight temperatures will slow growth and allow growers to manage production.

Red leaf, Green leaf , Boston,  Romaine and Romaine Heart. continue to deal with epidermal peel , with most being trimmed at field level although current frost conditions will further extend potential quality issues. Continue to shop as tiered quality, availability and pricing remain.

Plenty of product available and shippers are looking to make deals. Expectations are that prices will be sub $20.00 by early next week. Run your offers by us.
Winter production of the thornless variety has begun to pick up in the Southern Coastal as well as the Desert districts.  Production will continue to be heavy towards Jumbo sizes but medium and large sizes will become available once growers get deeper into their planting schedules. Some frost scarring may start to appear in some isolated areas.
The market has reached a level where supply is meeting demand. They are hitting a level where products are starting to move and inventories are getting cleaned up. There is a possibility to see an increase in price by the first of next week. Heavy rains in the Santa Maria district last week will cause some issues with water spotting, make sure you are getting products inspected before shipping.
Market is trending upwards. Harvest has caught up with the excess acres that existed over the last two weeks and now with some cooler weather in the growing regions, the growing process will slow down. Quality out of the Desert regions has been nice, good white color and weights.
Brussels Sprouts
Coastal California production continues with strong supplies although growers are having to sort through some quality issues brought on by heavy rains . In addition , Mexico has begun harvest on their Winter crop with currently light volume although the supplies are expected to improve rapidly.  The market has softened sharply especially for Northern California loading.
Green Onions
Green Onion production has almost returned to normal as prices ease to sustainable levels. Cool overnight temperatures will keep supplies manageable yet sufficient through next week. Some discoloration issues remain but quality should improve as the plants mature. Border delays continue to be an intermittent issue.
limited availability will continue for the next several weeks as the cold weather continues to hamper the California and Baja growing regions. California fruit is fair quality, firm, some inconsistently sized berries, occasional bruising, misshapen, white shoulders and rain damage, pin rot and mold. Baja fruit has white shoulders and rain damage. Central Mexico has limited availability and Florida is also limited due to cold weather. Santa Maria, California, is forecast on Wednesday and Thursday for sunny skies, mostly sunny on Friday, cool with clouds and sun on Saturday, and cool with low clouds on Sunday. Highs are expected in the 60s and lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. Oxnard, California, is forecast on Wednesday and Thursday to be sunny, Friday mostly sunny, becoming partly cloudy and cool for the weekend with highs in the 60s, decreasing to the 50s on Sunday, and lows in the 40s. Central Mexico is forecast to be partly cloudy with a few thunder showers on Thursday, cloudy on Friday, and then mostly sunny for the weekend. Highs are expected in the 70s, decreasing to the 60s on Friday, and then back up to the 70s for the weekend, and lows in the 50s. Plant City, Florida, is forecast on Wednesday to be mostly cloudy, breezy and warmer, and then clouds and sun for the balance of the week. Highs are expected in the 80s on Wednesday, decreasing to the 60s Thursday through Saturday, and up in the 70s on Sunday; lows in the 50s on Wednesday, decreasing to the 40s Thursday through Saturday, and the 60s on Sunday.
Cooler weather in Central Mexico will continue to hamper supplies into next week. Peak numbers are expected to be late May / early June. Oxnard will continue to have minimal numbers until April.
The biggest volumes continue to come out of Central Mexico on both Conventional and Organic. Production is expected to remain steady over the next 4 weeks as we head toward peak numbers out of Mexico in the Middle of March.
Central Mexico will continue with good volumes into February. Peru is past their peak volumes, but we will still see good numbers coming in for the next several weeks. Chilean are past peak numbers and we will see a reduction in numbers over the next several weeks.Baja fruit is on the upswing and will gradually increase each week into the spring.
Stone Fruit
Offshore plums, yellow nectarines, and white peaches are now available in very light numbers on both coasts. Mostly large tray pack sizes are available but volume is limited. Quality reports are good. Pre books are required at least a week ahead of time. White nectarines are expected to arrive later next week. Pricing will be elevated for the coming weeks until we start to see better volume in early February.
Good supplies of offshore product on both coasts this week. Markets remain strong and will likely continue this trend into early February. Overall quality has been very nice on offshore fruit and very few issues reported. There are reports of more vessels arriving with fruit next week, which should ease markets slightly, assuming no port delays.
Good harvest numbers this week as weather improves and normal picking schedules resume. Rains have helped the product size up, resulting in better distribution of sizes. Peak sizing is 88/113/72 count. More deals available this week and we expect this to continue for the coming weeks.
Plenty of volume available on all sizes. Supplies are expected to further improve this week as the weather dries up. Quality is good overall with very few issues to report. Product is currently available in Coachella, California central valley and Ventura County.
Rain in growing regions is affecting harvest and resulting in quality issues. demand is stronger this week as supplies lighten up. Sizing is peaking on 200 and 230 count fruit. We will continue to see light supplies and strong markets over the next two weeks.
Supplies have been consistent on Caribbean Basin cantaloupes and quality has been good. Earlier this week sizes skewed a bit smaller with less jumbo 9s, but as the week progresses more 9 and jumbo 9s are arriving. Pre prices demand has been quite good leaving the spot market firm. This looks to continue at least through next week. Steady as she goes next week.
Supplies have been light for offshore honeydews since the start of the deal with sizes peaking on 5s , jumbo 5s and 6s. Mexico continues to dribble small amounts of smaller sizes. Demand has been consistent but supplies have been light and availability limited. This trend also looks to continue at least for the next couple of weeks if not longer. Market should be steady to possibly a bit higher and snug.
Dry Onions
S L O W…Everyone I talk to is saying the same thing. It’s kind of slow right now. Demand has come to a screeching halt and with the advent of Mexican onion starting to cross, it’s stalled the movement even more on Northwestern onions. Jobbers are taking one pallet instead of 3 and the menus are not including onions at the present levels. Until the weather breaks, we see this lack of demand continuing…and until people get sick of Mexican onions US shippers will be packing sporadically.
Here come the Ad request for February’s shipping on 28/1’s…who can get to .99 cents a pound first! Prices given so far into the early “Ad hunting” range from the low 30’s to the mid 40’s. This time of year, is always a crap shoot normally and I don’t see this being any different. The weather is always the factor and until ground temps get up to where production can be sustained, it will always be “Ground Hog Day”
Organic Items
OG Avocado
Avocado  Production from Mexico continues to be strong in anticipation of heavy demand.  Prices remain relatively low especially on larger sizes. Production of domestic fruit remains stalled as growers wait for prices to rebound.
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Broccoli   Production in the desert has mostly returned to normal , with Much improved quality.  Prices have adjusted to more sustainable levels although Cool overnight temperatures have returned this week and supplies as well as prices have firmed.
OG Celery
Heavy rains in Southern California have subsided but growers continue to struggle with harvest. Improved production from Mexico and the desert district have helped supplement industry supplies as prices ease in all districts.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Improved supplies and affordable prices should improve demand. Overnight cold temperatures will temporarily impact production but pricing should continue at current levels .
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot  Production in Northern California has resumed as well as Southern districts although continue to plan ahead to get full coverage.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Supplies continue to improve on Romaine and especially Romaine Hearts as production approaches near normal. Cool overnight temperatures could delay harvest but overall supplies should be sufficient. We should see quality continue to improve although epidermal blister and discoloration currently are widespread and may be extended further into the season with current frost. . Most growers are able to trim the majority in the field but some will continue to be evident.

Green and Red leaf  Overall supplies have improved along with weights and sizing. Epidermal Discoloration is increasingly more evident with most being trimmed in the field .

OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit  Strong demand throughout the entire Citrus category due to strong retail sales and revived foodservice activity. As rain has subsided, growers are returning to full production which should boost overall supplies.

Lemon California production continues with good quality, peaking on smaller sizes although rain delays have allowed sizing to improve. Mexico production is expected to finish at the end of the month.

Lime quality and supplies remain inconsistent with varied prices. California Navels  will continue with peak supplies for the next month.

Mandarin supplies, currently mostly Clementines will begin to transition to Tango & Murcott.

Golden Nuggets will also begin with limited production as well.

Grapefruit supplies are limited with improved volume expected once current Rains subside. Cara’s and  Blood’s continue to be excellent seasonal varieties.

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