Conventional Items
Improving quality has led to improved production while demand remains steady leading to lower pricing. Additionally regional production in the Northeast is expected to increase. Fringe burn and mildew are still present although most appear to be trimmed in the field. Acreage reduction is still expected to manifest itself by the end of the month.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine   Markets have been mostly stable especially Romaine Hearts as demand has been strong. Reduced supplies in coming weeks in response to weakened demand due to CV-19 could impact markets although regional eastern growers are ramping up production. Quality has improved daily with reduced mildew , but fringe burn is still visible. Romaine Hearts continue to offer a good value.
Green leaf , red leaf and boston  plantings are also expected to be reduced as demand has been fair. Most shippers continue to keep product fresh to ensure good arrivals. Regional production has begun in the Northeast which should counter any reduction in acres on the West coast.
There are still a few shippers left selling product out of Oxnard. A majority of the supplies are shipping from Santa Maria and Salinas. Good availability and aggressive prices can be found in Oxnard and Santa Maria. Overall quality is showing good condition and color, there are a few shippers that are quoting some seeders but it is not prevalent throughout the industry.
Production of the Heirloom /Original Green Globe is winding down, although supplies of the thorn less varieties have begun to increase with mostly a large sizing profile and competitive pricing.
Prices and demand have gained momentum over the last few days and shippers are selling out daily. Pricing will increase as the week finishes out. If you are in need of product please place your orders a day or two in advance as day of orders will be tough to cover.
As was predicted, we are currently in planting gaps caused from the late March rains that fell in both Santa Maria and Salinas. Demand exceeds and prices are reflective of the current situation. Expect prices to increase higher as we finish out the week. Overall quality is fair. Due to the warmer weather we have had off and on over the last 10 days, product is branchy and beads are on the larger side, color is a lighter green.
Brussels Sprouts
Mexico production is finishing  and Coastal California supplies have been slowly improving with a mix of quality and sizing. Improved production is expected in coming weeks along with quality.
Green Onions
Mexico supplies continue steady and the market remains mostly weak with hot temperatures increasing insect pressure impacting quality.
Many suppliers went to the freezer over the weekend. Supplies are lighter and several big retailers are running promos this week. We are expecting better yields next week out of Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria, so pricing should remain in the $9.00 to $12.00 range.
Volumes are on the rise out of Watsonville, as that area is experiencing excellent yield right now. Expect prices to remain steady.
Low numbers are expected to continue out of Georgia and North Carolina as they have received large amounts of rain over the past week.The Pacific Northwest is experiencing inclimate weather which will push back the start date to around the end of June.
Quality has improved on cooler weather out of the California’s central coast. Oxnard is reaching peak production levels. The lower elevation areas of Mexico will continue to produce light numbers for the next two weeks.
Stone Fruit
Good volume on peaches, plums and nectarines this week and shippers are looking to move product, particularly on smaller sized fruit. Early quality reports out of the central valley of California are very positive and shippers are looking to move product. Run offers by us on all stone fruit.
Green Grapes – Most offshore product is now finished for the season. Mexican grape volume is improving daily and more product is arriving. Quality has improved significantly over the first few harvests. Currently loading in Coachella and Nogales. Pricing is starting to settle as more product comes available.
Red Grapes –California and Mexican red grape production is improving. There have been deals on flame varieties this week as volumes stabilize out of Coachella. Quality has been very nice early in the season and we expect better volumes and good quality to continue over the coming weeks.
Oranges – Good demand continues this week, particularly on retail sizes. Valencia volumes are improving and mostly keeping up with high demand from government food bank programs, however open market product is more expensive as a result. Quality is very nice this week, but we could start to see quality issues from high heat in the central valley of California in the coming weeks.
Lemons – Steady supplies this week and more product enters the pipeline from the central valley. Demand is still slightly off, but we expect a better situation in the coming weeks as more businesses and restaurants open up . Quality has been very nice over the past few weeks.
Limes – Good supplies this week and shippers are looking to move inventory. Quality has been good on product coming out of Mexico. Markets are at the bottom currently, but expected to start bouncing back as many bars and restaurants re open nation wide over the coming weeks.
Cantaloupes were still a bit surprising to start the week, with heat affecting the vines and cutting supplies. Sizes continued to skew quite large peaking on jbo 9s with some jbo 6s and lightish supplies on reg 9s and very light supplies of 12s. Quality remains good. Overall demand has been slow due to pandemic issues and the lack of aggressive retail pricing. As the week progressed supplies started showing signs of normalizing a bit. Sizes seem to be slowly getting smaller and should start peaking on regular and jbo 9s next week. Athena melons have started in Georgia and should move up the coast and as far west as Ohio in the coming weeks. We look for a steady market to lower market ahead on cantaloupes, particularly on larger sizes. Large size cantaloupes are representing a good promotional opportunity. Look for deals.
Honeydew production is still in the light side in spite of the heat, as there has been a trend the past couple years of less and less desert plantings. Mexico continues to harvest and market albeit in lower numbers. California/Arizona is now the main supply source with harvest peaking on jbo 5s and 6s both jbo and regular. There is a larger percentage of 4s than normal, and 8 are in light supplies but still difficult to sell. Demand has been stubbornly lackluster as the same pandemic issues and lack of export demand along with a lack of aggressive retail promotions. Thus markets have eased a bit my midweek and should continue to ease for the balance of the week. Little change is expected next week and honeydews like cantaloupes should be a good promotional opportunity.
Dry Onions
New Mexico seems to be the shipping area ‘Dijour’ this week. Arrivals have been very consistent and folks are reordering. Market is stable and as we ease back into “regular business” we could see an up-tick in demand. California is shipping from the Central Valley now and will settle in with good supplies as we get into longer day varieties. All the contracts that were in effect are struggling to be fulfilled as demand picks up. This writer is waiting to load those later varieties in California and will continue to load in New Mexico as long as the weather holds…it will rain eventually in New Mexico and that could have an adverse effect on shipping consistent quality. All of the above is Jumbo Yellow Onions…Red Onions are starting to get off the lull they were in and Central Valley quality is excellent. Look for the market to solidify in the near future.
Michigan is shipping good volume and so is Mexico, Perue, Idaho, Washington,Indiana and just about every other state and country. Grass is fighting for space in the produce department as tree fruit and melons and berries steal the show. Prices have been coming down, but you wouldn’t know it on the retail level as prices have remained high.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Broccoli    The market continues to escalate on lighter supplies due to reduced acres and quality. Typically during Summer months insect pressure impacts quality and overall supplies .  Cauliflower supplies have also been impacted . Demand remains strong for both.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Availability and pricing appear to be mostly steady with Local Homegrown production adding to overall supplies.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady and Demand continues to spike as carrots offer a great grab and go option as well as being a staple commodity in the USDA Farm to Family Food Program. Continue to plan even further ahead to get partial coverage.
Potato and Onions  Demand has shown signs of improvement for new crop production mostly coming from retail and the USDA Food Box Program. Foodservice demand has also improved which has led to prices to firm.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Demand for Romaine Hearts remain strong with heavy supplies. Green , Red and Romaine show signs of improving quality as temperatures warm .  Quality should see weekly improvements as local Homegrown production is starting in the East.
OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit Production continues steady with Strong demand. All retail sizes are in high demand especially Lemons. Many shippers have shifted production towards bags on All Citrus. Lime quality remains inconsistent but all other Citrus quality has been strong. Valencias have begun with a smaller sized profile .
OG Avocado
Mexico:  Production remains steady with good demand .
California: California harvest continues to be steady as well with good demand and excellent quality with slightly higher oil content.
OG Grapes
California:   Coachella Valley production of Green grapes to go along with reds has improved with adjusted prices reflecting the increased production . Quality has been excellent to start the season. Expect demand to be strong for New Crop fruit,
OG Melons
 California:   Desert production continues with mostly large sizes. Strong demand on all Melon varietals . Excessive heat interfered with some harvest and affected quality but Supplies are expected to improve .

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