Conventional Items
Some growers had a surge in production while others lost acres due to the Hot Temperatures last weekend. Overall Supplies continue to be sufficient at the current demand with prices trying to edge higher as growers try to recoup ever escalating costs. Overall quality remains good with some heat related issues seen coming in from the field.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine and Romaine Hearts  Production has begun to ease with many growers reducing their Summer acreage to offset reduced demand as local Homegrown product surges. Markets remain mostly steady with some deals available. Quality remains good even with the Hot Temperatures last weekend especially Romaine Hearts with much better color and texture.
Red leaf, Green leaf and Boston  Demand on Leaf continues steady with moderate supplies as the Eastern Homegrown season has begun easing demand on the West Coast.
The market is now at the bottom. Prices will remain at this low level through the week. There is availability out of Oxnard, Santa Maria and Salinas. The most aggressive pricing is coming out of the Oxnard and Santa Maria regions. Harvest will end in Oxnard by the end of the month.
Production of the Thornless varieties has become dominant. Sizing again is peaking on the Largest sizes.
Rumor has it that there will be a few growers, especially in the Santa Maria region that will be light on production over the next seven days. We could see a little spike in prices during this period. Quality out of all areas has been nice with dark green color and nice tight domes.
Most shippers are looking to move some product. There are some good deals out there. Speak with your Produce West representative for the best option available.
Brussels Sprouts
Improving production from Coastal California has finally caught up with demand as Mexico season comes to a close. Markets have adjusted and promotional volume will again be available.
Green Onions
Mexico supplies continue steady with varied quality. Hot Temperatures last weekend have impacted quality. Border delays remain an intermittent issue and have been magnified with the extra travel day.
The volume is expected to be very good over the next 4 weeks as the warm weather has accelerated fruit maturation. We are looking for the largest numbers next week, and the drop off will be minimal as we move into July. The 4th of July pull will tighten the market up, but it will be short term. We expect to see more Organics enter the market place as the warm weather and better volumes are ahead for the next 4 to 5 weeks.
There are a few regions left in central Mexico, but this area should be considered finished for the season. Good numbers are still being produced in North Carolina, Watsonville, Oxnard and Santa Maria.
We will see an uptrend week over week out of the Salinas and Watsonville area. Santa Maria will gradually increase into the middle of July. Oxnard will continue with supplies into July as well.
The final harvests have begun out of Central Mexico and we should consider this area finished.  Baja will continue to have light supplies for a few more weeks. The same with San Joaquin and the have about 2 weeks of production left.
Stone Fruit
Yellow peach and nectarine production has been been limited this week. Apricot harvests will continue through this week and shippers are looking to deal on large sizes. Plums volume will remain very light this week for us and will be subject to availability. White peach volume will be strong this week, although large sizes will be limited. Light production this week on plums and will remain very limited into the beginning of July. We are in peak eating quality of the season on most stone fruit.
Good volumes of Mexican red grapes hitting the market and shippers are looking to move product. Plenty of deals on flames and volumes are highest on small sizes. Green grape markets are softening as well, and more deals are being made on sugarone varieties. Shippers will continue to push for the coming weeks as they prepare for more California fruit in the pipeline. Right now it looks like there will be soft markets for near future as we see plenty of volume in the forecast this summer.
Valencia oranges are currently being harvested in the California central valley growing regions. Valencias are now the exclusive variety from now until import navels arrive in mid July. Valencias will continue out of California until the end of September. Quality has been excellent, with good brix and nice color. Peak sizing is on 113 and 138 count fruit. Harvests are slightly down from last year and markets will likely remain strong through mid July.
Lemons are now being harvest on the California coastal areas . This season will carry into mid July. Pack outs are still heavy on fancy fruit over choice. Import lemons are arriving in light numbers this week out of South America. Markets will likely continue to settle next week as more domestic volumes kick in and offshore arrivals increase. Quality has been good overall, although some wind related scarring has been reported on coastal fruit.
Moderate demand this week on limes. crops are peaking on 200 and 230 count fruit. Quality issues include scarring , oils spots and blanching, mostly as a result of recent rains in Mexican growing areas.
There will likely be lighter harvests towards the end of June and early July and we expect stronger markets by then.
Harvest is peaking in the desert right now and will continue into next week. Peak sizes vary from field to field and seller to seller depending on variety and harvest schedules. Some are heaviest it 9s and jbo 9s and others on 12s. Most compelling deals are on 12s from those that are spiking on that size. Demand has improved. The dribs and drabs of offshore leftover supplies are gone. Mexico has for the most part ended or at least stopped exporting to the U,S. There are some local Athena melons around but not enough to dent demand. Retail promotions are in place this week and next and should continue until the end of the month, which should firm pricing. The Westside does not start until July 1 with a couple of early starters, but it will be after the 4th before there is a full harvest, most likely around July 7th. Sugar and quality is good in the desert but holdover fruit is arriving with some troubles. Also extreme heat could begin to effect quality soon. Market looks firm to steady to slightly higher next week.
Still anemic supplies as there are fewer acres planted in the desert this year. Mexico is winding down. Quality is fair to fairly good. Sizes peaking on regular 5 and 6 count. Demand is okay but good enough to keep the market firm. We look for little change next week.
Dry Onions
The Onion deal is being held in fewer hands than it was a few weeks ago. Most of the Imperial Valley shippers are finished or about to finish. The San Joaquin Valley has 3 or 4 shippers going and so far hasn’t been affected by the 100 degree days. There have been a few quality problems with sunken areas on the Reds, but beyond that the quality is good. New Mexico is shipping and so far we haven’t had any quality issues. The market in both places is hold in the mid to low teens, and that looks like it will continue.
The local Michigan, Indiana, deals are cooking and will be for the near future, which is throwing a stop to most of the Mexico deal, at least for the heartland. The Volume of Mexican grass coming out of the Baja is decreasing masking the market to go up to the low $20’s Michigan will go until after the 4th and Canada will continue into mid to late summer.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
 Cauliflower and Broccoli   Northern California production has been good although Hot temperatures this week will likely lead to reduced supplies as quality and increased insect pressure will determine overall availability. .
OG Celery
Transition to Northern California has resulted in improved quality and availability as markets adjust to more sustainable levels.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Production has mostly transitioned to Northern California and quality remains varied with overall adequate supplies.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production remains unstable especially Cellos with production areas transitioning and a major processor having issues with production lines. Continue to plan ahead to get partial coverage.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Romaine and Romaine Heart supplies remain steady while quality continues to improve although Insect pressure is expected to increase with Hot temperatures forecast this week.  Green and Red leaf  Overall supplies are steady as local homegrown production begins to erode West coast demand.  Quality has improved with occasional windburn and tipburn from all Northern California districts.
OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit  Strong demand throughout the entire Citrus category due to strong retail sales and revived foodservice activity.  Lemon production continues to be light with prices firming and mostly Choice fruit available. Lime quality and supplies are improving but remain inconsistent.  Valencia  production has improved although still limited volume but good sizing. The overall crop is expected to be lighter than normal throughout the Summer.  Grapefruit supplies have peaked with lighter volume expected .
OG Stone Fruit
Stone Fruit  Improved Production on Yellow and White Peaches, Nectarines and Apricots with limited supplies of Plums and Pluots.. Good demand has kept prices elevated to start the season.
OG Melons
Melons  Production from the Southern California Desert has come to an abrupt end as Hot Temperatures pushed quality over the edge. Transition to Northern California will begin later next week along with  Cantaloupes and Honeydews
OG Grapes
Production from the Desert has started with improving supplies of Red and Green varieties . Quality also continues to improve daily with product of Mexico still available at reduced prices.
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