Production continues steady with occasional surges keeping the market grounded. Demand has been steady with a continued sense of pending improvement with cooler evenings and diminished quality from the Eastern Homegrown areas expecting to push demand West.. Wide variations in color, weight and appearance remain common although overall quality is good..
Mix Leaf
Romaine and Heart production continue steady with improved, steady demand. Quality has been improving although wide variations in sizing, color and appearance continue industry wide. Slightly cooler evenings have improved overall quality although seeders continue to affect appearance.   The Greenleaf and Redleaf markets have improved slightly but continue to be available with varying degrees of quality. Much like the Iceberg market there’s a sense  of an early transition to Western leafy greens adding to potential market volatility.
Brussels Sprouts
Domestic production from the Northern Coastal region continues steady. The market has also held steady with moderate demand. Discounted pricing is available on wing sizes, small and jumbos. Mediums are slightly stronger but deals remain for volume.Quality is much improved.   Regional production areas have started with a wide array of quality , possibly eroding demand from the West.
Bell Peppers
Green Bell production continues steady with improving demand allowing for firmer pricing. Red Bell production has improved and the market is slowly balancing out
This market has gained some momentum over the past week mostly as a result of production winding down in Michigan. There is still plenty of volume in Salinas and Santa Maria areas and shippers are looking to move product, mostly on the smaller sizes. Quality is still very nice in both growing areas. We will begin to see slower production in the coming weeks as a result of cooler night and shorter days.
Supplies have definitely become more limited. Speaking with a wide range of shippers throughout Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria, I am getting a variety of feedback. Some are claiming to be completely sold out for the week, whereas others expect to have limited availability spread throughout the week. As a whole, the feedback I received indicates lighter production in the Salinas / Watsonville areas and limited availability in the Santa Maria regions. Summer harvest is winding down, and Fall harvest is just getting started. This is causing a transitional gap in production that is expected to last for the next 3-4 weeks until Oxnard and Mexico start up in the front part of October. Quality has continued to be challenging over the last couple weeks, but we are starting to see improvements this week. Additionally, the new fall harvest crop should some also bring better quality. Market prices have jumped up a couple of dollars over the last week and are expected to remain firm.
Steady as she goes. Import availability is improving out of the East Coast. Quality is good. However, market prices are much higher and firm. Domestic supplies remain limited as very little production is left in the Pacific Northwest and Michigan. We can expect to see storage fruit this week. Michigan production has passed its peak and is in seasonal decline of fresh volumes around the state. Oregon and Washington continue with light production, but quality has been marginal. They are in late season varieties, and most shippers expect to wrap up production over the next 1-2 weeks. British Columbia is in the last of its late-season varieties and will be done soon. Peruvian fruit is the first to hit the US. We expect to see supplies gradually improve as we start September and significant volume arrive by late September. We will see peak arrivals from October to November. We will eventually see an overlap of Argentina and Chile imports as we transition into all import fruit by Late September. This week expect higher prices and lighter supplies.
 Availability has quickly declined over the last week as production dropped off in Salinas, Watsonville and the Pacific Northwest. The Northern California season was initially late this year, reaching peak harvest early August. When peak production finally did hit, the hot weather pushed that fruit on quickly. Volumes were much higher than expected and we are now in the transitional gap period. Santa Maria and Baja production is light and sporadic. Oxnard is fairly steady, but light volume. Luckily, Central Mexico is starting to scratch the surface early this year, and we expect to see some fruit available by mid September. Volumes will be light and quality may not be exceptional with the early season varieties, but we are hoping to bridge the supply gap. We will see supplies improve from Mexico as we enter the winter harvest periods. Market prices are higher and firm.
Supplies have been fairly steady, but light over the last two weeks. However, we do expect to see production ramp up week over week moving forward. We will see a transition between the northern growing regions to the southern regions and Mexico. Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria will phase out as Oxnard, Baja, and Mexico startup. We will see more fruit become available in the McAllen, TX shipping points by late September. Quality has been reported as very good. Markets have been steady, but with increased supplies expected, we will see opportunity buys become available.
Ample supplies are available and shippers are looking to get product moved. Current FOB pricing is aggressive so run your offers by us. Quality has been fair, the occasional yellow cast, some soft shoulder and spread has been seen on product being harvested from both Santa Maria and Salinas.
Harvest volume is expected to increase by end of the week. Look for prices to gradually decline over the next few days. Quality has been normal for this time of year. There is still some spread in the domes and as we head into fall expect to start to see some purple domes as nights get cooler. Central Mexico volume will start to ramp up as we head towards the end of the month. There is quality issues with current product that is being harvested due to heavy rains from the last couple of weeks. We should start to see better quality by first part of October.
Oranges- On California Valencias, the market continues to be very active and higher. Small sizes (113’s and 138’s) are in a demand exceeds supplies with some customers subbing into 88’s. Quality is mostly fair re-greening and soft fruit.  On Chilean Navels, the market is expected to be steady to slightly lower on moderate demand. 56’s through 113’s available from both coast.
Lemons- District 3 (the Desert areas of Southern California) has started. The quality is fair and mostly Choice due to oil spots and scarring.  Moderate supplies of Chilean Lemons available from both coast with all sizes being offered.
Limes – Large sizes continue to be way short. 230’s and 250’s most plentiful. Quality on this Mexican product is fair due to skin breakdown and stylar.
Production continues steady with limited demand . Market continues to offer values on all sizes. Current varieties are solely seeded or Thornless.
It has been a long slow slog of a market for cantaloupes this summer. Demand has been dull, production has been ample to abundant and prices have remained depressed. Finally that could be changing. Cooler weather next week and a bit of improvement in demand that comes with the season looks as if it will be combining to finally produce a price rise. Sizes seems to be getting a bit smaller instead of peaking on Jbo 9s. Smaller sizes normally make for lower overall volume as it takes more melons to make up each carton. Sizes should be peaking on regular and 9s and 12s with much fewer jbos in response to the cooler temps both day and night. However, there is still a log of competing seasonal fruits commodities and buyers could back off after they fill their promotional needs. We look for a moderately higher market through mid next week with a possible swoon toward the weekend. The following week we could see some deals wind down which could keep the market firm. The desert deal should start the last week of September or the first week of October.
Like cantaloupes the lackluster demand all summer has kept the honeydew market from rising. Sizes as with cantaloupes have been running large, but that seems to be changing, again due to cooler weather. Demand has improved a bit with the season. Quality has been consistently good. There have been less dews than lopes all summer and that trend should not change. We look for a somewhat higher market most if not all of next week.
No change for next week. The market will be steady on weak to moderate demand. Quality and condition is outstanding. All colors of California grapes are brixing high, with full color, and large berry sizes available. Promote grapes for the month of September.
Stone Fruit
California late season yellow flesh peaches and black plums (Angelinos) will be in there peak harvest.  Eating quality is good.  Market will be steady for next week. Various varieties of Red Plums continue to be offered.  Yellow flesh nectarines are winding down for the season. Pricing expected to be up slightly.
Production from Peru continues to be moderate and transition to Coastal Mexico has been delayed resulting in steady, elevated pricing. Additional volume is expected in coming weeks with promotional supplies available by the end of the month.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower  The market has been firm with lighter supplies due to cooler evenings. Quality has been good with some insect pressure in the hotter inland locations .
Broccoli   Production has improved slightly but the market continues to be strong. The market may continue to rise depending on supplies in eastern regional growing areas which continue to suffer for high heat and humidity
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production continues to be light with improved demand . The markets are expected to advance with increased pressure from East coast demand. . Expect some volatility in supplies as we approach the Fall and “Homegrown ” production becomes scarce..
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg  as well as Romaine  supplies  continue steady with improved demand. Expect markets to advance in coming weeks. Continued Hot and humid weather in the east will likely lead to an early transition West.
OG Citrus
Lemons:  Limited production and reduced quality continues to elevate pricing. Expect light supplies with the Southern California district nearing the end of the season. Limited offshore production has yet to fill strong demand. Additional production areas aren’t expected to improve supplies until late September.
Oranges: Valencia’s supplies continue steady with increased sizing and sugar profile.  Demand continues strong with back to school activity.Limes: Supplies from Mexico continue to improve and the market should start to reflect. Additionally quality has benefited with improved color and sizing.
Grapefruit:  Supplies have been steady with good quality and demand keeping prices elevated. Sizing profiles have increased.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Mexico has transitioned into their Fall crop with improved volume although sizing remains small. Additional production is also coming from Peru and Chile . California: California Hass production is winding down with limited availability
OG Grapes
Green & Red : Central Valley supplies have been good with overall excellent quality although there is an increasing variation in color and sizing leading to a tiered market.  Production is in full swing in both production areas . Promotional volume will be available for the next month.
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production has been steady but excessive heat in the Central Valley most of the Summer has interrupted production , further hampering availability with advanced notice already required with current heavy demand .
Potato supplies have transitioned to the Northwest with improving supplies of Gold, Red and Russets.
Onion demand has been good and production is improving as new crop production has begun from Central California with improving supplies of Reds. Quality has been very good The market continues to be strong.especially on Red and Whites .

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