Production continues mostly steady with occasional surges keeping the market grounded. Demand has been steady with a continued sense of pending improvement with cooler evenings and diminished quality from the Eastern Homegrown areas. We are expecting demand to shift towards the West.  Wide variations in color, weight and appearance remain common although overall quality is good.
Mix Leaf
Romaine and Heart production continue steady with improving, steady demand. Quality has been improving although wide variations in sizing, color and appearance continue industry wide. Slightly cooler evenings have improved overall quality although seeders continue to affect appearance.   The Greenleaf and Redleaf markets have improved slightly but continue to be available with varying degrees of quality from shipper to shipper. Much like the Iceberg market there’s a sense  of an early transition to Western leafy greens adding to potential market shift.
Brussels Sprouts
Domestic production from the Northern Coastal region continues steady. The market has also held steady with moderate demand. Discounted pricing is available on wing sizes, small and jumbos. Mediums are slightly stronger but deals remain for volume.Quality is much improved.   Regional production areas have started with improving quality , possibly eroding demand from the West.
Bell Peppers
Green Bell production continues steady with improving demand allowing for firmer pricing. Red Bell production has improved but could tighten by next week with the market expected to remain firm.
Supplies have been limited for the last several weeks. This week not much has changed; supplies continue to be light in Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria. Market prices have been higher and firm. Quality in the Salinas / Watsonville areas has been fair. We have seen reports of soft fruit and shortened shelf life, but the weather has been ideal and we expect things to improve moving forward. In Santa Maria, shippers are breaking into new crop (fall harvest). Quality is being reported as much stronger in this area, but supplies are still light. Market prices are the same in either location. We do not expect any major issues with coverage, but same day additions or orders will be a challenge. Looking out over the next several weeks, I expect to see supplies improve in Santa Maria and remain light in Salinas / Watsonville. Additionally, we will see some light harvest out of Oxnard with certain shippers. I expect quality to continue to be solid in the new growing regions and gradually improve in Salinas / Watsonville (barring any major weather events). Salinas and Watsonville are expected to have production last through late November. We will see an overlap with Santa Maria, Oxnard and eventually Mexico by December.
Supplies continue to be a challenge as we finish the domestic harvest season. Due to the warm weather earlier in the summer, much of the fruit ripened earlier than expected and crops as a whole were 3-4 weeks ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, this leaves the industry in a supply shortage now at the tail end of the season. We can expect to see supplies remain limited and quality to be marginal until we transition into Mexico production. We expect Mexico to begin with light harvest over the next 2-3 weeks and slowly ramp up as we approach November. This week, we are seeing softer berries and red cell in most of the fruit available in Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria. Supplies are limited, and markets are steady and firm. Coverage will be a challenge until we get into Mexico harvest. Expect supplies to be short through October.
We are seeing a second “late season” peak in production that is expected to last over the next 1-2 weeks coming from the Salinas, Watsonville and Santa Maria growing regions. Quality is being reported as good, but we have seen some soft berries with occasional decay. With the cooler weather at night, we expect this to improve. This will be the last wave of fruit from these growing regions before we phase out and transition into Mexican production by November. Market prices have been steady, but we may see some flex on spot buy opportunities over the next week
A split market will continue into next week. Import Blueberry supplies continue to improve on the east coast with most of the Peruvian fruit being loaded in Manfredi, PA and limited volume of Argentinian fruit in Miami. The quality is being reported as good. Market prices are coming down very slowly, this week we are seeing a small decrease across the board. We expect supplies to continue to improve as we move forward. As for the last of the domestic harvest, we are seeing very little fruit left in Michigan (maybe one more week left) and we are on the tail end of what is left in the Pacific Northwest on the west coast. Quality is fair, and market prices are higher. Mexico and Baja harvest is just getting going with light volume. Overall, we expect supplies to continue to improve on the east coast and remain limited on the west coast for the next several weeks.
Currently there is excellent supplies and quality available out of both Santa Maria and Salinas. Take advantage of the rock bottom prices while they last. The market could start to trend upwards by the end of the week. Generally speaking as broccoli moves cauliflower will usually follow it.
Good demand and lighter supplies are driving the market up. Regional product off the East Coast and Canada is limited thus sending that business back here to the West Coast. Couple that with shorter days and cooler nights in California and we have a demand exceeds situation. We will remain in this situation into next week.
Oranges- Supplies of Valencia Orange 113/138 continues to decline while the market price on the small Valencias continues to climb. Valencia quality is fair with 88’s and larger more readily available.  On Chilean Navels, great import navel ad opportunities for the month of September.   This week, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) released the 2018-19 Navel Orange Objective Measurement Report. The published report forecasts 80 million cartons of Navel oranges for California, which is an 11% increase from the 2017-18 season. The initial CASS estimate puts the Central Valley at 77 million cartons to be produced. The data collected indicated a fruit set per tree of 426, which would be above the 5 year average of 333. The average September 1 diameter was 2.117 inches, which is below the 5 year average of 2.269 inches.
Lemons- Moderate to good supplies of Chilean Lemons being offered from both coast with the market price steady on 115’s and larger and slightly lower on 140’s and 165’s. There a wide range of quality and price on the Mexican lemons crossing at Texas. From the West Coast, District 3 is going in a light way on good quality. Better domestic supplies are not expected to kick in for another 2-3 weeks.
Limes – On Mexican fruit crossing into McAllen, the market is slightly higher on 175’s and larger on good demand while is wide range of price and quality on 200’s and smaller.
Production continues steady with limited demand . Market continues to offer values on all sizes. Current varieties are solely seeded or Thornless. Green Globe or Heirloom variety will appear in limited quantities next month
Market seems glued to the floor as lackluster demand dominates the narrative here. Sizes have skewed a bit lower, peaking on 9s the 12s with fewer jbo 9s. Best quality jbo 9s have begun to demand a bit of a premium. Next week, supplies look steady and could increase a bit with warmer day time temps in the Westside are expected. Not sure if demand will ever get robust enough to raise the market. Nothing has stimulated demand all summer. Arizona should start harvesting new fall crop the first or second week of October. We look for a dull and steady market next week with a possibly rise in the jbo 9 price on best quality.
Dull demand has been the rule all summer as it has with cantaloupes. There have been less honeydews planted this year so there is less of supply glut. But with demand dragging, it has had no impact on prices. Thus the market has stayed steady and dull at mostly 5.00 all season long. Sizes are running mostly 56 and 6s with fewer job 5s. Little looks to change next week. Supplies should be steady. Sizes should be peaking on regular 5s and 6s, and demand looks to stay on the slow side. It seems a steady and uneventful week lies ahead.
The market will be steady on weak demand.  Special buys or hot deals are generally grapes that have been packed up for awhile and need to move.  Dried stems being the main issue.  All in all, it is a great time to promote. The quality is outstanding on fresh packed fruit, brix are high, and the quality of the product will driver repeat sales. Come and get’em!
Stone Fruit
California and Washington will continue to have peaches through the end of September with ad volume still available. Market price steady on moderate demand.  Quality is very good from both areas. The current plum crop looks strong and will go for a while. Various Red and Black Plum varieties continue to be offered. Market price steady on moderate demand. Promotional opportunities available on Angelino Plums.
Production from Peru continues to be moderate and transition to Coastal Mexico continues to be slow resulting in steady, elevated pricing. Additional volume is expected in coming weeks with promotional supplies available by the end of the month.
Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower  The market has been firm with lighter supplies due to cooler evenings. Quality has been good with some insect pressure in the hotter inland locations .  Broccoli   Production has improved slightly but the market continues to be strong. The market may continue to rise depending on supplies in eastern regional growing areas which continue to suffer for high heat and humidity
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Most Herbs and Bunching Green production continues to be light with improved demand . The markets are expected to advance with increased pressure from East coast demand. . Expect some volatility in supplies as we approach the Fall and “Homegrown ” production becomes scarce..
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg  as well as Romaine  supplies  continue steady with improved demand. Expect markets to advance in coming weeks. Continued Hot and humid weather in the east will likely lead to an early transition West.
OG Citrus
Lemons:  Improved production and reduced quality has eased demand although pricing remains elevated . Imported quality from Mexico and Chile has surpassed the limited domestic supply at least until the new production area later next month.
Oranges: Valencia’s supplies continue steady with increased sizing and sugar profile.  Demand continues strong with back to school activity.Limes: Supplies from Mexico continue to improve and the market remains steady. Quality has held steady despite weather interruptions  with improved color although mostly smaller sizing.
Grapefruit:  Supplies have been steady with good quality and demand keeping prices elevated. Sizing profiles have increased.
OG Avocados
Mexico:  Mexico has transitioned into their Fall crop with improved volume although sizing remains small. Additional production is also coming from Peru and Chile . California: California Hass production is winding down with limited availability
OG Grapes
OG Root Vegetables
 Carrot Production has been steady but excessive heat in the Central Valley most of the Summer has interrupted production , further hampering availability with advanced notice already required with current heavy demand .
Potato supplies have transitioned to the Northwest with improving supplies of Gold, Red and Russets.  Onion demand has been good and production is steady with improving supplies of Reds. Quality has been very good The market continues to be strong.especially on Red and Whites .

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