Conventional Items
Production and yields continue to be influenced by disease and virus as well as Mother Nature. Even with escalated prices , Demand remains mild although likely to change in coming weeks with Eastern Local deals concluding and pushing demand West. Additional production areas in California will be available in a few weeks , hopefully adding improved supplies and quality options to the market although expect volatility to continue through the start of the Desert season.
Leaf Lettuce
Romaine and Romaine Hearts Reduced supplies continue to push markets higher. Depending on location and severity some growers were affected more than others but overall quality remains varied as well as pricing.

Red leaf, Greenleaf and Boston  High temperature had more of a negative impact on leaf , damaging the product more so than pushing growth. Supplies have receded and prices firmed, especially greenleaf while demand remains mild on Redleaf . Eastern Homegrown season is likely to conclude in coming weeks which will further impact available supplies as demand is pushed West.

Supplies are becoming slightly lighter and will continue in this pattern as we move into October. Look for prices to trend upward over the next couple of weeks. Weights are generally 58-60 lbs and most shippers are peaking on 24 size. Overall quality is good, we are seeing the occasional light green color and some dry pith but not enough to warrant any concern.
Production of the Thornless variety has become dominant. Sizing is peaking on the Medium sizes with overall reduced production for the Summer .
Supplies have become very limited over the last few days, especially crown cuts. We expect this pattern to work its way into next week as well. Harvest yields have lightened up due to recent weather which included warm weather, rain and then some warmer weather again in all growing regions of California. Growers are dealing with pin rot and brown bead causing them to walk past quite a bit of product.
Presently supplies are limited and FOB’s are reflecting this. Markets will finish the week in current situation but we are being told that most shippers will have better supplies early next week. We recommend only buying what you can move through in a quick manner and don’t hedge your buying.
Brussels Sprouts
Supplies from Coastal California remain strong as temperatures pushed production. In addition local production in Eastern Canada is also ramping up in time for their Thanksgiving. Good quality with sharp discounts continue to be available on small and Jumbo sizes.
Green Onions
Most of the Biblical challenges have subsided in the growing district of Northern Mexico and supplies have resumed. Although overall supplies are expected to be well below normal, we anticipate the beneficial rains will improve quality and overall supplies enough to influence the historically high prices we have experienced recently. Expect supplies to remain volatile for the remainder of the year. Border delays continue to be an intermittent issue and have been magnified with the extra travel day to consolidate in Northern California.
Volumes will continue to be low as supplies out of California are very limited due to quality and limited production due to the rains from a few weeks ago. The most recent forecast for California is to be mostly sunny and pleasant with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Watsonville, California is forecast to be partly sunny with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. California fruit is generally fair quality with smaller-sized berries, occasional rain damage, soft fruit, bruising, and over ripeness.
Mexico is going strong after the rain last week and will account for about 3/4 of the total crop by mid October. Organic still remains tight on supply.
Supplies will remain tight for a few more weeks. Mexico made it through both earthquakes and a hurricane with slow production to start but supply will get better as this week goes on.
We expect supplies to ramp up out of Baja and Oxnard as they head towards their peak volumes in mid October. Peru is increasing in production and the general market has remained weaker than expected.
Stone Fruit
Yellow Peaches are mostly finished for the season. White peaches will be available through next week. White nectarines are mostly sold out and finished for the season. Black plums are in a gap for a few weeks as a result of recent heat and will be limited until the last black variety starts.  Red plums will be available for the coming months.
Good supplies of red, green and black grapes still available. Shippers are working through heavy supplies that had accumulated over the past month. We expect the market to slowly start strengthening as they get through their supplies and supplies lighten up. Green grapes will likely be the first to lighten up as we expect demand to improve in the coming weeks. Red grape supplies will likely remain strong for a few more weeks. Quality is very nice overall with good color and high sugars. Run offers by us !
Offshore navels have mostly cleaned up and volume is expected to be extremely light in coming weeks.  We are currently in a demand exceeds supply scenario on valencia oranges. At this point, there looks to be a significant supply gap until navels start around mid October.   Expect season high pricing through next month as a result.  Quality will start to show more issues as more storage fruit will be utilized.
We are currently in a demand exceeds supply scenario on lemons.  Most sizes and grades will be affected and pricing will continue to creep up as a result.  Quality has been marginal overall and some scarring and coloring issues have been reported.  District 3 will be starting towards the end of October, but until then, expect elevated markets and heavy pro rates.
Steady demand this week. Sizing is peaking on 200 and 20230 count fruit. Quality issues have been reported this week, including blanching, skin breakdown and oil spots. Expect quality issues to continue for the coming weeks. Markets are expected to remain steady through next week.
Markets surged this week as supplies never really came back after recent rains and heat. Complicating matters is that the Westside is wrapping up this week or sometime next week as well. Demand was still mostly from the retail channel and they continued to scramble to cover orders driving prices higher. Quality is as inconsistent as yields. Sizes peaked on 9s then jbo 9s with some 12 count. Next week Yuma is set to start its fall harvest and sizes are looking to continue to be peaking on 9 and jbo 9s count. Volume will be quite small early but could pick up mid to late week. A few more suppliers will start around the 10th of October. But as has been the trend of late, fewer and fewer growers are participating in the fall desert deal. Offshores are more than a month away and more like two months away from any volume.  We see prices remaining steady at current high levels into next week and possibly beyond.
Supplies of honeydews are also light, but demand is not a robust and they seem to not be finishing up on the Westside as quickly. Quality has been okay. Sizes peaking on 5 and 6 count. The westside still has a week to 10 days to go before they too will wind up. That appears to be around the same time that fall desert dews will start up. Sizes in the desert remain unclear at this point. Offshores will start about the same time their cantaloupes will. Demand is expected to stay tepid. Prices should be steady ahead.
Dry Onions
The northwest Onion market is starting to show signs of adjusting to a more reasonable level…still not what we’ve been used to, pre pandemic, but more user friendly. Jumbo yellows is anywhere from $15-$16 in Washington to a

bi$1 or $2 higher in Ida/Ore. Reds have adjusted down too. The shippers have the advantage of going into storage with the bulk of what’s being harvested, but they don’t want to miss out on the higher prices being paid right now.

The Gush of product coming in from Mexico is starting to over take demand and the prices are falling fast. Ad Prices for the October pull are in the $15-16 range and Peru is still a huge factor for supply. Where’s the demand? Hopefully, once we get a freeze, people will start to cook again…the restaurant

business is getting stronger everyday and that should bode well for putting asparagus on the menu again.

Organic Items
OG Broccoli & Cauliflower
Cauliflower and Broccoli   Northern California production has seen reduction in supplies Quality has suffered and lessened overall availability. . Cooler temperatures this week will help quality although supplies will remain light.
OG Celery
Production in Northern California remains strong with good quality and availability for now as growers assess their crop. Heat related damage will likely manifest later this month and more so during transition to Oxnard in November.
OG Herbs & Bunch Greens
Production continues in Northern California with most items at current levels of sufficient demand. A few items including Green Onions and Cilantro will likely see further shortages due to heat related quality issues .
OG Root Vegetables
Carrot Production remains unstable along with quality, especially bunched Carrot Tops and Cellos with recent excessive heat in the Central Valley. Continue to plan ahead to get coverage.
OG Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce
Leaf, Iceberg & Romaine   Romaine and Romaine Heart supplies are lower with increased insect and disease pressure.  Demand remains mostly steady as markets pushed higher. As demand increases from the East , prices are expected to escalate further.

Green and Red leaf  Overall supplies have been limited and will likely remain limited throughout the Fall season even as demand improves.

OG Citrus
Lemons, Oranges, Limes and Grapefruit  Strong demand throughout the entire Citrus category due to strong retail sales and revived foodservice activity.

Lemon California new crop production will resume with light supplies peaking on smaller choice fruit initially. Mexico is expected to improve quality and overall supply as well.

Lime quality and supplies remain inconsistent with varied prices.

Valencia  production is winding down as heat related issues have impacted quality. California

Navels are expected to begin later next month with a few offshore Navels available at escalated prices

Grapefruit supplies are limited with improved volume expected in coming weeks.

OG Melons
Melons  Production will shift back to the desert , although water restrictions are expected to restrict overall production with many growers reducing or eliminating acreage.
OG Grapes
Production from Central Valley California continues with good supplies and quality. Tiered pricing structure continues based on Sizing. Quality is generally Very Good.
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